Prince Justin Lazora

Name: Justin Lazora

Born: April 18, 1899

Location: Elizabeth, NJ

Mother & Father: Jerez & Rare

Grandparents: Savior & Farah (deceased)

Children: Jacob & Sharika

Wolf type: Alpha

Spouse: Carol (Deceased)(1899-1900) Heidi (1900-1901)

Justin is the Prince of the wolf tribes. He was born on April, 18, 1899. His mission was the protect himself by being trained to go into the woods and fight other wolves. Justin’s life was full of danger because everybody wanted his thrown as the next king. Once Justin met his half brother Jason, he was then chosen to become the next wolf king. Soon he met Heidi, his future queen and adopted a lion cub named, Damien as his own brother. After a while, he was killed as a pup and his mother and father left and became deceased after wolves came for them. Justin’s mission was now to find his father’s crown before somebody else would take his place as king. After Justin grew up, he had a puppy with a childhood female wolf he liked named carol, and raised him on his own. He named him Jacob. In the end, Justin and his lion brother fight to death and it leads wolves and lions into another war of survival. 263080_218690061498032_1797446_n
This is the picture of the real Justin. I based the stories off of him.

Princess Heidi


Name: Princess Heidi

Born: May, 1899

Location: Elizabeth, NJ

Parents: Vivian & Vain

Grandparents: Elizabeth & Bentai (Deceased)

Children: Sharika & Jacob (Stepson)

Wolf type: Alpha

Spouse: Damien (1899-1900) Justin (1900-1901)

Princess Heidi is the princess of the wolf tribes. She was born In May, 1899. Heidi was chosen by her mother out of her and her sister Amy to take her place as queen when she got older. Vivian was her mother who was already queen. Heidi grew up in love with Justin’s adopted brother Nick, who was a lion cub. She didn’t fall in love with Justin until after she realized Nick wasn’t treating her right. Heidi can also changed into a different animal when shes bitten during sex. She ends up having a daughter with Justin named, Sharika. And adopts Justin’s son, Jacob as her own.

Princess Amy


Name: Princess Amy

Born: May, 1899

Location: Elizabeth, NJ

Parents: Vivian & Vain

Grandparents: Elizabeth & Bantai

Wolf type: Omega

Nephew & Niece: Jacob & Sharika

Brother in law: Justin Lazora

Amy is the second to be born from queen Vivian. She was the sister of Heidi and she was chosen not to become queen in the end. Amy is a sweet compassionate wolf who respects anything the way it is. Shes calm and sweet and also looks after Justin because of how close of a friend she is to him.

Prince Jason Lazora


Name: Jason Lazora

Born: October, 1898

Located: New york, NY

Parents: Jaka & Rare

Grandparents: Savior & Farah(deceased)

Wolf type: Omega

Nephew & Niece: Jacob & Sharika

Sister in law: Heidi

Prince Jason was the first to be born from King Rare’s tribe. He was born from his evil mother who never wanted him and only used his father for sex. Jason became dark as he got older and always hated his brother Justin because he was not chosen out of them to be wolf king. Jason’s heart is black as the night, he is a very cold person and drinks blood.

Prince Damien (Nick)


Name: Damien (Nick)

Born: January, 1899

Location: Queens, NY

Parents: Carla & Britain

Lion type: Lion prince

Nephew & niece: Jacob & Sharika

Sister in law: Heidi

Spouse: Heidi (1899-1900)

Prince Damien: Damien was the lion prince of the lions. He grew up as a orphan after Justin’s parents went to war and killed his parents. Damien became the adopted brother of Justin and fell in love with a wolf princess named, Heidi. After his brother Justin turned his back on him, Damien grew up waiting to get revenge on him and go to war. Damien lets people only call him Nick( his parents were the only ones that called him by his name).


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